Full Risk Assessment & Internal Audit Outsourcing Company

we provide full risk assessment across your enterprise

Using this service, we can provide attention to a key area or offer a full risk assessment across your enterprise. Our risk audit solutions include everything from internal audit outsourcing / co-sourcing to Sarbanes-Oxley assertion testing of internal controls for finances. Specifically this could include assistance with project management, financial control testing, risk analysis and more.

Our solution provides a risk-based approach, based on your unique goals and the hurdles in the way of you achieving those specific goals.

We have a highly qualified team of IT audit


Do you need to plan, report and execute audits that meet the requirements of section 4040 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)? We have great levels of expertise operating with public companies and providing internal audits for SOX.

We can complete this initiative on a fully outsourced basis if required. We can help you improve controls, test new controls, improves documentation of the controls that have been tested and identified, while consistently reporting to management or audit committees where appropriate.


Whether due to fresh financial issues, new regulations or exciting marketing possibilities, you will need to alter your risk management function.

Your risk team will need to reduce the risk profile and continue to increase value while cutting costs. This is key in every organisation. We have a highly qualified team of IT audit and internal audit professionals to help you achieve risk objectives, boosting value and cutting costs.


Cybersecurity and information security have become main concerns for boards and C level executives. It is crucial you are addressing and alleviating security issues in your business. You need to pinpoint vulnerabilities risk, to maintain information security.

We provide vulnerability and penetration testing to ensure all vulnerabilities within the organisational infrastructure are located. With penetration tests we will work to use vulnerabilities and assess the danger of any identifiable issues. These tests can be completed remotely or onsite depending on the access points for your environment.

We Offer the Following Assements:

External Network Penetration - Examine security of the internal environment for internet host facing.

Internal Network Penetration - Exploring private network security as well as hosts, we will examine how a hacker could create issues within your environment.

Web Application Penetration - Through this test we will explore crucial web applications. With manual and automated software, we will pinpoint vulnerabilities through multiple level testing.

Onsite Social Engineering - IUsing this test we can assess the effectiveness of your security controls, response to suspicious behavior and employee awareness. We will also ensure that your network security controls cannot be compromised by an onsite presence.

Remote Social Engineering - This seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of your user security awareness and the incident response process that you have in place.

We will then provide you with a detailed report that tells you what vulnerabilities were found, and any other issues that we may have picked up. The report will explain why these are problems, and what you can do to fix them.