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Your Ideal Partner for Expert Linux System Administration

ICORE Technologies: Your Ideal Partner for Expert Linux System Administration

Your in-house Linux support staff probably have the skills to troubleshoot common problems with the platform. But the problem with in-house solutions is that they don’t work proactively to resolve frequent, recurring issues, and they don’t work towards implementing solutions that make your IT infrastructure more reliable.

At Icore Technologies, we do things differently. Rather than just putting out fires when they arise, we work on finding out what caused those fires in the first place, providing a holistic solution that makes your organization more efficient and productive. With our team of experts, you'll learn how your organization can operate Linux more efficiently and effectively, without the constant hassle of running into problems.

Why Use Icore Technologies For Linux System Administration?

There are numerous reasons for choosing Icore Technologies for Linux System Administration

  • We’re not satisfied until we’ve found a solution to your most intractable Linux issues.
  • Experienced experts with years of experience with Linux system administration
  • Scalable service that allows you buy only the Linux administration services you need (hire by the hour or choose full-time support)
  • Experience with a vast range of Linux-based systems and applications
  • No quick fixes: we solve problems from the ground up.

The benefits of choosing Icore Technologies for your Linux system administration are vast. As a dedicated team of professionals, we don’t call in sick. We’re always available to help your organization achieve its IT objectives. Each person at Icore Technologies has vast experience with troubleshooting and solution implementation in Linux. We can help with a range of common and not-so-common issues that you might face - everything from app compatibility issues to network stability.

With our outsourced support, you no longer have to rely on a single on-site administrator to deal with problems that might arise. With our help, you can spread the risk, reduce the cost, and improve the performance of your IT infrastructure. Icore Technologies is an invaluable service for startups. With our help, you can keep your systems up and running so that when the opportunity comes knocking, you’re ready to pounce. Choose Icore technologies today, either full-time, part-time, or on a consultative basis for all your Linux administration needs.