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Computing is at the heart of every successful modern business. Here are ICORE, we thrive on helping companies like yours unlock their true potential with managed services you can rely on.

Service Desk Outsourcing

Rather than offer a static service which does little more than put out fires, our service desk platform aims to transform the way your organization does IT.

Desktop Management

If you’re moving to a new office, you know just how difficult it can be to transition your IT from one location to another.

Infrastructure Management

It can be challenging to keep your server infrastructure and network running smoothly relying solely on in-house resources.

Information Technology Audit

Information technology audits determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the business's overall goals.

Cloud Computing

At ICORE Technologies, we understand the importance of responding to and catering for elastic workloads, and we provide an on-demand cloud computing service.

Incident Management

When a service fails to deliver its ideal functions or performance during service hours, priority is placed on having that service repaired to ensure that day-to-day operations in a company can continue.

LINUX Services

Your in-house Linux support staff probably have the skills to troubleshoot common problems with the platform.