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Ensuring That Your IT Assets Remain Up-To-Date And Secure

Managing the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure can be a challenge, but with ICORE Technologies, you can make the entire process much easier. We’ll help you develop a desktop IT asset lifecycle based on the unique features of your organization, giving you the roadmap you need to manage your resources both now and in the future. Over the years, we’ve built up enormous experience both designing and implementing desktop lifecycles. We can help with everything from product acquisition to disposal.

Desktop Management Services For IMACs (Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes)

If you’re moving to a new office, you know just how difficult it can be to transition your IT from one location to another. Icore Technologies provides the service desk support you need to manage desktop IMACs, giving you complete confidence when making major changes to your IT infrastructure.

IT Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is essential for ensuring that you derive maximum value from your IT investments. ICORE Technologies will collect data on serial numbers, current patches, locations of IT equipment, and quantities ordered. With help from our technicians, we’ll ensure that all your licenses are up-to-date and that your systems are mutually compatible across your network. Our IT technicians can manage your assets using asset management software.

Operating System Upgrades, Migration, And Support

If your business is migrating to Windows 10 and would like experienced support, then our technicians are ready and waiting to help. With years of experience assisting companies to transition from older platforms to the latest, we can get your business and apps up-and-running on Windows 10 without impacting your operations.

Security Software And Management

We utilize security software and active network management to comply with your organization’s security policy.

Manage Your Backups

Organizations need effective procedures for backing up their data as it is generated. With Icore Technologies by your side, you can get quick, safe and scalable backup options that allow you to get your data back in the event of a primary loss.

Manage Your Images

Standardizing desktops is standard practice to reduce issues and enhance compatibility. Our technicians can help you develop and manage desktop images that you can use across your organization to ensure continued compatibility with your existing software stack.

Manage New Software And Hardware Rollouts

ICORE Technologies helps you to develop a roadmap so that you can consistently update and upgrade your existing hardware and software. We provide deployment training, scheduling, announcement and archiving services to manage the transition and support your team.

Manage Special Projects

ICORE Technologies has both the experience and technical know-how your business needs for special projects, such as rolling out Windows 10 or creating new images for your desktops. We can help you migrate to newer versions of software or help you create rolling changes to your IT resources. Our friendly IT staff are here to help.