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Computing is at the heart of every successful modern business. Here are ICORE, we thrive on helping companies like yours unlock their true potential with managed services you can rely on.

ICORE Technologies is a highly professional and experienced outsourced IT partner providing world-class services to a range of B2B clients.

We serve clients throughout North America and in 21 countries around the world with a full range of outsourced help desk, managed hosting, and network support and services. We continue to lead the industry with our enterprise-class IT solutions for both large and mid-size businesses.

From level one and two help desk support to standardizing software throughout an organization to managing the network infrastructure, our team is qualified and ready to help your company cope with the ever-changing world of technology.

Our understanding of Cisco, cloud computing, operating systems, and networking facilities is second to none. From installing new technologies and hardware to managing your online security on a 24/7 basis, we keep your business in safe hands.

Here at ICORE, we don’t simply understand IT; we understand you!

We Are Your IT Outsourcing Partner

ICORE Technologies exists to help your employees and customers remain productive, to respond quickly and expertly to your needs, and to allow senior management to focus on advancing your business goals.

We appreciate that you need an IT service that isn’t only ideal for the immediate future. The facilities need to keep your business ahead of the game for many years to come. We continue to stay abreast of the latest tech developments to give your business the competitive edge. Better still, we do it in a way that allows your budget to work harder than ever.

To learn more about our full list of services, give us a call today.