IT Backup Services – Are you confident with your solution?

How long would a recovery take?

We find that most businesses actual IT backup services haven’t been reviewed for many years and staff are blindly changing tapes each day with the understanding that it’s all working just fine. This is often not the case.

No disaster recovery strategy works without backup

Shocking statistics show that approximately 98% of businesses do not back up their data daily, and around 43% of businesses that do undergo a critical data loss disaster (and who don’t have a data recovery plan), never re-open. Considering an organisations existence is dependent on data, backup strategies need to be more than an just after-thought in the recovery planning process.

So is it on-premise? Offsite? Or is it a combination of both?

We wish there was one silver bullet solution when it comes to disaster preparedness, but every company is different and each business needs a process in place that will work for them.